Did you know that every day there are billions of logins into e-mails and social media platforms every day all around the world ?

People have searched for something that could make their daily routine easier.

That’s why we decided to do something about it and have come up with a solution UNOLINKS.

We have created a digital GATEWAY, or what we like to call “The Digital Passport”.

By making great progress with our interactive user friendly interface, while developing this system, our friends and family liked it and wanted to try this Digital Master Key.

Following our initial success and progressing towards Launch we have decided to make our project public for you to Enjoy.

Have a nice time with UnoLinks, we Know it will streamline your daily life.

Have you ever wished for a moment that you could easily check all your e-mails and social media account in few clicks and slides? Well, the time is now!ownload UnoLinks application for iOS only now and forget the troubles.

Forget about the times that you had to stick to your PC in order to check your latest e-mails or to use social media. At UnoLinks we’re happy to tell you about the release of our fantastic application for Android.