Why should i use unolinks ?

Unolinks in its unique design Acts as a Gateway to all the URLS for the perspective sites, easing the access and the navigating to and between the platforms.

How can i trust unolinks with my passwords and how safe is it ?

Unolinks in its new format DOES NOT store any of the information on our server or any other platforms as its within the hand set and on the the app for retrieval.

What are the benefits of using unolinks ?

unolinks will save/prolong your Battery life by not needing to have more than one app open and save your Data also as you will not need the other perspective apps on your phone, will also save you Memory space on your phone (enhancing performance and freeing up your phone memory for other things)

Is unolinks app limited to any Geographical location ?

No, you may download the app anywhere on the planet.