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The Unolinks app is the digital gateway to all your social media and email accounts on one 3D interactive application. It preserves your battery life as it consumes the data of a single app, while giving you access to all your favorite apps. While data and memory space are conserved, we never track or stores any of your personal information. We know that privacy = freedom.

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Web Design & Development

maximize your web presence

The Unolinks team is able to help you or your company maximize online presence and increase sales as we collaborate with you to optimize interface. Our guarantee - better the user experience, improve interaction with your product, enhance mobile responsive to ensure excellent viewing across all devices.

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B2B & Corporate Solutions

Bringing your imagination and Business to Life

If you think it, we can built and configure it. We have the right solution for all of your personal and business needs. With breakneck turnaround times on development, we promise to deliver a fully integrated solution for your needs.

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Mobile App Design & Development

maximize your web presence

At Unolinks, we enthusiastically work with corporations, visionaries, and entrepreneurs to help turn your idea in to a fully functioning app/product. Our team will guide you through the process of design, will build and optimize your custom project, and also help you generate profit by marketing your product, complete with step-by-step techniques to teach you all the hidden secrets of the trade.

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What We Do?

We offer a wide range of web and app development services, as well as design and UI/UX services. If you have great idea for a business website or app, Contact Us to make your vision a reality.

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We guarantee the best web development services for your brand, customized web design and development, we also offer comprehensive coaching services in web marketing to help you generate profits

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We specialize in user-interface and mobile response optimization. We guarantee smooth and efficient interaction with your app/product across devices

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We offer quality B2B solutions for your company, custom tailored to your business needs.

Who We Are?

We are pleased to present the Unolinks app, available on iOS and Android. Unolinks is the world's first single sign-on service for all major email services and social networks in one interactive 3D application. The app allows you the freedom to navigate seamlessly between apps on one clean, efficient platform. It’s all centralized at Unolinks, the digital master key to your life.

Additionally, the Unolinks team offers the highest quality professional app and web development services, customized client to client to make your vision a reality and assist you step-by-step through the creation, optimization, and marketing of your product or brand.

Alex Cain

Alex Cain

Founder & CEO

Founder, CEO. 20+ years of experience in electronics and communications; 8+ years of proven leadership and entrepreneurial success in tech.

team 2

Kendra Clark


Communications Specialist.Expert in content editing and writing; consistent success in high-volume communications; 5+ years in corporate communications.

team 4

Andrew Barros

Project Advisor

MSc in Applied finance, Financial Analyst; built 3 teams and scaled to IPO; 10+ years of success in high-revenuebusiness and finance.

team 3

Mikhail Strelkov, PhD.


Web development enthusiast; CRDF grantee; successfully launched 3+ apps; 10+ years of proven success in software and web development

team 1

Omar Sabet

Web Developer

10+ years of building and delivering outstanding web services and products accross multiple platforms.

team 5

Gary Jinks


Advisor. President of GLJ Group, expert in strategic planning and new market entry; Founder of South Valley Angels; 20+ years in key positions in Fortune 1000 Companies.

Our Story

Mr. Alex Cain, CEO and Founder, was struggling to keep up with his many email accounts and social networks as well as remembering all of his login information. He was inspired to solve this all-too-common problem, and began developing a single user-friendly way to access all his favorite accounts. The positive feedback he received from family and friends made Mr. Cain realize the potential of Unolinks and the market demand for a single sign-on application to house all social medias and email accounts.

Technologies and platforms

  • HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery / Javascript ES6

  • PHP

  • React / React Native / Vue.JS

  • Wordpress / Woocommerce / Magento

  • Oracle / MySQL

We're Hiring

Do you have a hunger for innovation, a creative skill set, or a passion for web development and technology? Think you’ve got what it takes to join our team? Send us a CV and a few relevant work samples, and we'll get back to you if we think you’re a good fit.

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Have You Seen our Works?

Check out some of our most recent products.

Unolinks App

Mobile App

ClientUnolinks LLC
DateJuly 2014
PlatformAndroid, iOS

We Believe That Saving Mobile Data Usage, Memory Space, Battery Power and Lost Time is Valuable for Phone Users, So We've Created a Single-Access app to Manage all Social Media and Email Accounts.

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Web Development - Silver Xerox

ClientSilver Xerox
DateDecember 2017
TechHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript,Wordpress

How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these.

  • Unolinks app connect

    UnoLinks App Connect

    One Feed to Rule them All

  • project 2


    Book your perfect vacation

  • project 4


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  • project 5

    Arab Academy for Scientific Research

  • project 3

    Silver Xerox

    All your printing needs

  • project 5

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    Thumbnail caption...

  • project 5


    Super Deals

Download our app today, available on iOS and Android.

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Unolinks mobile application is available in a variety of packages to suit your individual or business needs. Unolinks PRO is currently in development for launch.


  • FREE
  • one account per social media and email platform.
  • Common Social media and email platform.
  • With Ads


Coming SOON
  • $3.99 Yearly
  • One account per social media and email platform.
  • $0.99 Annually in app-store to remove ads
  • NO Ads


Coming SOON
  • $24.99 Monthly
  • All Social Media Sites
  • Four Individual accounts for team members.
  • NO Ads

Need help choosing the right fit for you? We offer custom plans for corporations and enterprise. For more information, click the button below

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